Lust For Life - Lana Del Rey Bows Book/e-Reader Sleeve

"Unleash your inner "Lana Del Slay" with any of our Bows book sleeves. Perfect for girls who love to add a touch of whimsy to their literary adventures. Keep your favorite reads protected with this quirky and playful sleeve, inspired by the one and only Lana Del Rey." Hey there, Book Lover! Needle x Stitch Co. book sleeves are proudly and lovingly hand-made and sewn by a fellow reader and bookstagramer, Gloria (@bookswithria). Our sleeves are the perfect accessory for your books, e-readers, journals, and planners for your on-the-go adventures and make a great addition to any photo op, book cart, and shelf.

Sizing Guide

The Mini is designed to fit mass-market paperback books (small paperbacks); this size is also ideal for e-readers such as Kindle Basic, and Kindle Paperwhite. This size measures approximately 8x6.5 inches.

The Midi perfectly accommodates a standard paperback book, up to 350 pages. This size measures approximately 10x7.5 inches. The Midi features a front pocket. 

The Biggie perfectly accommodates a hardback or 1-3 paperback books. Book of the Month books, up to 450 pages, fit very nicely. This size measures approximately 11.5x8.5 inches. The Biggie features a front pocket. 

All book sleeves are size-tested with our in-house collection of books to ensure satisfaction and fitting before packaging and shipping.