Tooth Fairy Confetti Mix

Each 𝗠𝗜𝗡𝗜 𝗦𝗜𝗭𝗘 𝗖𝗢𝗡𝗙𝗘𝗧𝗧𝗜 𝗕𝗔𝗚 of this Tooth Fairy Confetti comes with . . .
🧚🏼‍♀️ 1/4 cup of confetti in pastel pink, pastel blue, white and silver
🧚🏼‍♀️ Color matching sequins sprinkled throughout + mini silver star sequins
🧚🏼‍♀️ 10 glittered cutouts including:
8 hand-glittered faux coins
2 sparkly fairy cutouts
2 white glitter teeth cutouts