Candy Surprise Lei Rainbow

What exactlyis a lei? A lei is agarland or wreath madeofobjectsstrung together to beworn as a symbolofpeace,love,honor,friendshipand celebration! 

Our candyleisare designedto bevisually stunning and are carefullymadeand assemblebyhand withaddedembellishmentslikeribbon,yarn, and tissue paper pompoms.Everylei we make is unique and beautiful and includes11-12 piecesofassorted wrappedcandies andbubblegum,and measures approximately42inches in total length. 

Candy leismake perfect gifts for celebrations,holidays,party favors and prizes forbirthdaysandsomuch more! Wealsoofferleisthatcome in avarietyofdifferent themes andholidaydesigns that make them a fun memorable item

Theleisare not only beautiful,but aresofun to unwrap allthesurprisetreats inside!