Honeysuckle: The Perfect Flavor- Hardcover Book

Honeysuckle the little bunny bakes the cakes for all the parties. She searched and scoured for the perfect flavor, the taste that was best for her friends to savor. Honeysuckle tries and tries to find the best flavor, but just can't quite figure it out. She invites her friends over for a cake tasting, but she soon realizes that everyone has a different favorite flavor. Through baking together Honeysuckle learns to appreciate that each friend is special, and each flavor is a treat. The second book in the series, Honeysuckle The Little Bunny: The Perfect Flavor is a story to celebrate friendships and embrace all the wonderful things that make us unique. Equally a recipe book and picture book, Honeysuckle The Little Bunny: The Perfect Flavor includes delicious recipes from celebrated bakers, authors, and influencers. Each recipe has been created with love and with heart, and when we bake something together, well, that is the best part.