Mini Valentine Craft + Bake Kit

In this Craft + Bake Kit you will receive everything you need to make a sweet treat and craft something magical for 2 people! Inside you’ll find baking mix to make 6-8 delicious sugar cookies + fun mini valentines! 

What’s Included: 

8 mini cards + envelopes 

8 glitter hearts 

2 containers of glitter 

1 container of glue 

1 strip of heart stickers 

1 containers of sequins

1 bunch of yarn, string, pipe cleaners + Pom Poms


baking mix for 6-8 cookies 

1 container vanilla 

1 package of Valentine sprinkles 

*All you need is butter and an egg! 

Ingredients: organic flour, organic sugar, baking soda, vanilla, salt

In each kit you will receive instructions for your craft and treat! These kits are designed to be for any age or skill level. Adult supervision is recommended for younger children.

***please note that supplies may vary slightly