MiniLUX Container/Cup 6oz

Our super sweet MiniLUX Sealed comes with a base, cylindrical glass and sealed lid only. The sealed lid has no mouthpiece or airhole, transforming your MiniLux into the perfect no-spill container OR the perfect accomplice to transport your drinks from A to B. The lid is reverse force, a fancy way of saying; it's a very clever lid that actually stays on. YES, you heard right, it stays on!  MiniLUX sealed is non-slip, super comfy to carry and straight-up aesthetically pleasing. It’s so versatile; you will wonder how you lived without it. * Holds up to 6-ounces or 177.441 ml  * Hot lid not included * Borosilicate Glass is lighter & stronger than ordinary glass; It’s fancy, but still needs to be treated with care * Silicone base meets the silicone lid, making the cup fully enclosed with no exposed glass