LUNA - Middle Child 16oz Coffee & Smoothie Cup

Our Middle Child Cup can hold nearly half a litre of water making it the perfect multipurpose side-kick. The lid is reverse force, a fancy way of saying; It's a very clever lid that actually stays on. YES, you heard right, it stays on! This Middle Child comes with a Hot Drink Lid and a Cold Drink Lid and Stainless Straw. It is non-slip, super comfy to carry and irresistibly fetching. What else you need to know: Holds up to 16 ounces or 473.176 MLS Borosilicate Glass is lighter & stronger than ordinary glass; It’s fancy, but still needs to be treated with care Middle Child silicone is interchangeable with our Smoothie Cup Fully enclosed, non-slip silicone base NB - If you're a long black or tea drinker you'll find the cup hot to carry initially We're Australian and we designed it here